Singham Returns

The list of upcoming Bollywood movies is never-ending; with fresh movie releases, comes a list of new movies that wait in line to hit the theatres. A sequel to original Bollywood movies is the new trend that has joined this list and the newest sequel in line is ‘Singham Returns’. This Ajay Devgn starrer is the sequel to the original film ‘Singham’. A lot of hype has been created around this movie with the first look and posters of this film being released.This film, directed by Rohit Shetty is filled with action sequences for its audience. The trailer or first look of this film shows us glimpses of what this film has in store for us. Cars flipping mid-air, a bus hanging from a bridge, guns, blasts, angry cops and corrupt politicians take most of this first look. The main focus is on Ajay Devgn who plays the central character of this film who acts as a savior to society and sets his mind on ending all social and political evil. Most of it is just like the audience expected after watching the original flick.

singham Returns Posters and first look

We also see glimpses of Kareena Kapoor in this first look. Dayanand Shetty a.k.a Daya from CID will also be a part of this film and is seen in parts of the trailer. High drama revolving corrupt politicians and heavy actions sequences in the trailer give us a gist of what we should expect from the film.

The film also released six different posters of ‘Singham Returns’, most of which show Ajay Devgn against a background depicting destruction. One of the posters shows Ajay Devgn with Kareens Kapoor, they’re seen wearing coloured shades. Another interesting poster shows an interesting graphical design of the alphabets of ‘Singham’ merged with the face of a roaring lion. These posters and promotions give out exactly what is expected out of a Rohit Shetty movie.

Another interesting video titled ‘The real Singhams of Society’ has been released by Reliance Entertainment. This video shows real life cops that serve society and take their profession seriously. It’s a heart touching video that will make viewers connect with the movie and understand the hardships and challenges faced by society’s true heroes to make lives better and safer in the city.

By the looks of it, this movie salutes the efforts put in by hardworking cop that deserve all appreciation for being there for society. It also encourages people to join this profession. Apart from this sentiment, the movie will be a feast for the eyes of any action movie lover and will not fail to impress with its twists and turns. Ajay Devgn seems perfect for this role and we’re sure his fans will love this upcoming release. It will be interesting to watch how this movie will be received at the box office and if it is more interesting than its original ‘Singham’. This movie will be an interesting watch for people that have been watching recent releases that were romantic comedy films.


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