Kareena Kapoor to play a Maharashtrian girl in ‘Singham 2’

Action fans in Bollywood have been eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel to the original film ‘Singham’ titled ‘Singham Returns’. This film will mainly be featuring Ajay Devgn as seen in the original, starring alongside Kareena Khan Kapoor. It will be interesting to watch Kareena in a brand new avatar of a Maharashtrian girl in this film. Earlier, Kareena’s has played the role of a Punjabi girl in ‘Jab We Met’, which was well appreciated by the audience. This time a different culture will influence her role in this film.

It is clear that Kareena loves experimenting with her roles as she chooses to play roles that require her to depict different cultures. When she played the character of a Punjabi girl in ‘Jab We Met’, she was spot on and received critical acclaim for it. This time she is all set to play the character of a Maharashtrian girl for this Rohit Shetty sequel of ‘Singham’. The trailer of ‘Singham Returns’ is out; we get hints of heavy action sequences from it. In this trailer, we see glimpses of Kareena Kapoor. Ajay Devgn remains the main focus of this trailer.

We see Kareena driving an auto rickshaw for one particular scene. This went perfectly with her Maharastrian attire. She will be seen wearing a blue and white Salwaar Kameez riding a rickshaw. Though this scene lasts for only a short while, the actress was very happy to do it. The idea of driving an auto rickshaw really excited the actress.

Sigham Return Posters

Kareena has never played the role of a Maharashtrian before and hence was a little nervous about this role. But she took up the challenge of brushing up on her language skills in Marathi as she agreed to play this role. She did so by conversing more with her Maharashtrian friends. Quite a few scenes in this movie required her to speak in fluent Marathi and the actress was not going to settle for anything less than perfect in terms of dialogue delivery.

Although the trailer revealed that Kareena will not have that big a part in the story as Ajay Devgn, the director revealed that her role is that of an influential one. The actress was away from acting for a while and this film will bring her back in the spotlight. Another actress that will be back in the spotlight is Rani Mukerji with her upcoming release titled ‘Mardaani’, in which she plays the role of a fierce and fearless cop that fights against the grave social evil of female trafficking.

As for ‘Singham Returns’, the trailer seems promising enough to impress action fans of Bollwood. It will be interesting to watch if this sequel turns out to be successful at the box office compared to its original. As this trail of sequels continues in Bollywood, critics are on guard and watching every move of filmmakers that are attempting to make sequels, comparing the good and bad.


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