Kareena Kapoor takes director Rohit Shetty for a rickshaw ride!

Recently a very quirky picture has been surfing cyber space. In this picture we see actress Kareena Kapoor Khan taking director Rohit Shetty for a rickshaw ride. We see that Kareena gives a fun pout, while director Rohit Shetty looks scared to be at the backseat. Kareena worked with the director for the forthcoming film ‘Singham Returns’, which is the sequel to the original ‘Singham’. Ajay Devgn plays the lead role in this film, while Kareena plays the role of his love interest in the film.

SIngham Returns Team on Film Set

In the trailer of this film we also see Kareena riding a rickshaw. It was probably on the day of this sequence’s shoot that this fun picture was taken. We can see that the actors of the film seemed to be gelling with the director. It is very important for the director of any film to have a good chemistry with the actors of that film as this is what affects their performance and the film on the whole. A good rapport with the director could bring out the best in an actor’s performance. We know that this will be the first time that Kareena plays the role of a Maharashtrian in a movie and this was indeed a little challenging for the actress. She was required to say a few dialogues in Marathi fluently. She practiced speaking the language to fulfill this requirement and lived up to the directors expectations from her role.

We also see her in a song titled ‘Aata Majhi Satakli’, featuring YoYo Honey Singh. It is a power packed song that has received great response after its release. It will be interesting to watch Kareena as a Maharashtrian girl. We have always seen that she takes up challenging roles and we are sure she will live up to her fan’s expectations by playing this role in the film. We also see Kareena in one of the six posters of  Singham Returns Movie. In this poster we see Kareena posing with Ajay Devgn wearing a white vest and colored shades. It will be very interesting to watch the chemistry between them in this film as they romance on-screen. We have a feeling that they will make a great pair on-screen. However, romance takes a backseat in this film as director Rohit Shetty promises us some hard core action sequences as we can see from the trailer and the posters.

While Kareena plays the role of a Maharashtrian girl, Ajay Devgn plays the role of a cop named Bajirao Singham, who is a fierce cop that will stop at nothing to save his society as he stays dedicated to his profession. It is said that this sequel is set to take over the original ‘Singham’, in terms of action and story and performances. ‘Singham Returns’ releases on the 15th of August as it are the auspicious occasion of Independence Day. It will be interesting to see if this film actually crosses the success rate of its original film at the box office and with the audience.


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