Bipasha is too scared to see the creature in ‘Creature 3D’

The Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu fondly known as the epitome of sex appeal has now made her career out of thrillers and horror movies, and it’s doesn’t seem like she had enough and is going to stop anytime soon. Soon after her movies Aatma, Raaz 3 and Alone, Bipasha Basu will now be seen in her forthcoming film in Creature a horror film, that has been tittled as India’s first ever 3D horror science-fiction and thriller film. The film has been directed by Vikram Bhatt, and is scheduled to release on September 12. There is a buzz about Bipasha Basu being scared to even see the creature of the film. She was not even willing to see the trailer of the movie. The creature freaks her out .

The Trailer of the first Indian 3D horror movie casting the sexy and dazzling Bipasha Basu and the charming Pakistani actor Imran Abbas has been out. Vikram Bhatt, director of Raaz 3 comes up with another scary horror film which has been promised to stake and match the standard of Hollywood movies. According to the media, the film Creature is about a young Ahana played by Bipasha Basu, who launches her fresh, warm and classy hotel, named ‘Glendale Forest Lodge’ in the heart of the hilly region of Summer Hill. There she comes acros Kunal played by Imran Abbas, a well known and famous writer who is one of the first guests at her hotel. Everything goes smooth at Glendale untill one day, Summer Hill gets attacked by something unknown. Ahana is scandalized and traumatized by the deaths of her guests and the happenings created because of hotel turning deathly and unsafe for visitors. A infamous professor of Zoology, Professor Sadana played by Mukul Dev pays a visit to Summer Hill to help. Soon it turns into a war of dark and light. Ahana knows her foe is the epitome of evil, power and danger but she decides to fight it. The film casts ‘Imran Abbas, Major Bikramjeet Singh, Deepraj Rana and Mukul Dev.

Like Vikram Bhatt’s earlier moves Haunted 3d and 1920, the VFX effects of the film Creature 3D will be done in India. Though Vikram wanted to join hands with a foreign studio for the film, the amount they presented wasn’t acceptable to him, and since it’s a trend that many Hollywood flicks get their high definition special effects done in India, Vikram Bhatt decided to bank upon his old friend. The creature has been made indigenously in the Chennai-based Prasad EFX. Vikram Bhatt has worked with them in many of his previous films too. Vikram believes that the Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu with whom he has worked in many films like Raaz and Raaz 3 is the ultimate and perfect choice for his blood curdling and spine-chillers as the actress surrenders and involves herself totally and deeply to the movie’s character, script and the director. Bipasha Basu, will be seen in a fit and athletic avatar in Creature 3D. She has taken the TRX Rip trainer, a portable training tool, to develop a toned physique for the film. She will be seen in a leaner and sexier avatar to fit in her role.

The film is scheduled to release on 12th September, 2014. Let’s see how much she will make from this spooky movie.


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