Latest News On Shahrukh Khan

Happy New Year Reviews

When you are the King of all Indian Bolllywood , everything you touch does become gold but also on the other side , everything you do or infact don’t even do , becomes a news sensation . All Bollywood stars are always under the limelight because of news channels and media . Shahrukh Khan is more often than not , involved in incidents landing up in the news , both locally and when outside the country . The Baadshah has been in a lot of news incident of late , which relate to both his personal and social life .

In most recent news , Shahrukh has been approached by all , inquiring about his upcoming film Happy New Year which comes out on 24th October , 2014 . In more news , the most trending news about SRK is his rivalry , no wait his friendship , no wait , his something with Salman khan . Nobody , including these two Khans know what the situation between them is but they did meet each other and hugged too at a recent Eid Party . Shahrukh also said “ Salman is a friend ” . This was possibly to end the chase being given to them by news reporters . Shahrukh Khan was also seen bringing out his frustrations when he told a couple of news reports and channels how much he was frustrated about being bombarded with questions related to Salman Khan .

Shahrukh was also in news in recent times because of his Wankhede stadium fiasco where he was banned from . But his ban was lifted by the NCA before the IPL final . He was also in news last year after being shockingly detained at an airport in the USA for a few hours which apparently was seen as the most inhuman thing ever done to an individual by the Indian news channel .

News about Shahrukh nowadays include talks his friends and family . He was recently ranked in a survey as India’s best celebrity father .However sometimes , the news gets on Shahrukh’s head too as everywhere he goes with either his friends or his wife or children , the news reporters miraculously know about his locations and are already present everywhere to greet the King . Shahrukh Khan is now getting ready for his film, Happy New Year Trailer launch which is a huge event as it is his first movie in 2014 and everyone wants to see a glimpse of what SRK will look like on screen this year .

Shahrukh Khan has now started staying on the down low as he and news have had a fair share of time together and now he has become a stay at home husband and on set working actor during most times of the day .

But news and King Khan cannot be too far from each other from a long time and its not much time before an unnecessary news article will come out on a not so important issue of Shahrhukh and trouble both him and the audiences .


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