Mary Kom: Lady with Full-Confidence

The upcoming film ‘Mary Kom’ is actually a biopic on the life of champion boxer Mary Kom. This film is set to depict the struggles she faced on her journey to becoming a success star in the world of Boxing. Leading actress Priyanka Chopra plays the lead role in this film and has worked really hard towards looking authentic as a boxer in this film. The role she had to depict is that of a lady with fill confidence and this was not easy considering the struggles she had to face.

Mary Kom Movie Poster

In the poster we can see Priyanka exuding oodles of confidence as she looks like she can take down any opponent going up against her in the boxing ring. Her look catches our attention instantly and gives us a feeling that she is about to receive laurels for this strong role in ‘Mary Kom’. The teaser of this film was released on the occasion of Priyanka Chopra’s birthday, but didn’t manage to cause a buzz. The trailer of this film however, caused a big splash in the cinema industry. After receiving positive reviews of Mary Kom Movie with the trailer, we can be sure that this film will do great at the box office and will win the hearts of the audience.
It is nice to see that Bollywood is making woman-centric films that break the notion that women are not capable of doing certain things. In this case, boxing is a sport that people find hard to associate with the weaker sex. Through this film and the life of Mary Kom, we see that this is wrong and women of today can achieve whatever they wish to pursue with full confidence. Apart from this film, there is another film that promotes this concept. The film Mardaani has also been termed as woman-centric as it has Rani Mukerji in the lead role playing the character of a cop. This film revolves around the fight against female trafficking in the country. Rani character in the film is that of a cop that fights crime single handedly with courage and fearlessness. Although we may call this a woman centric film, Rani Mukerji refuses to believe so. She says that a film is either good or bad and that is is wrong to term a film as woman centric or male centric. Whatever the case, it is a fact that Bollywood is now focusing on making films that show that women are in power and have nothing to fear in fighting for their dreams and fighting against evil.

Mary Kom is set to release in theatres on the 5th of September and is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. It will be interesting to watch how this film will fare at the box office against Bollywoods previous success with a biopic through the film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’. It is nice to see Bollywood entering a new genre of film as they experiment with biopics. As far as Mary Kom is concerned, we pretty sure this experiment will bring great results and will turn out to be a commercial hit.


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