Indiawaale’ from Happy new year will be launched on August 31

If bollywood fanatics and SRK lovers wanted the perfect way to end this month of August , they could not have found a better one as Shahrukh Khan and his crew of Happy New Year has made the announcement of launching their highly awaited song ‘Indiawaale’ on 31st August , 2014 .

Happy New Year Reviews

Shahrukh and Deepika will together launch this song on the last day of the month and the build up for it has been immense and exciting . ‘Happy New Year’ is a latest bollywood upcoming film directed by Farah Khan and starring Shahrukh Khan ,Deepika Padukone , Jackie SHroff , Abhishek Bachchan and Sonu Sood in lead roles . The film has already released its trailer which has caused mayhem among the members of the audience and some cannot wait for the date it releases .

Indiawaale is a song from the movie which became famous much before the trailer and everybody in town seemed to be talked about it . While being patriotic and featuring such a star studded cast in It , the song soon came to be predicted to become the number one song and anthem of the year 2014 . The movie is about a group of Indians pulling off a major operation overseas and hence the title of the song ‘Indiawaale’ seemed to fit so accurately . The song stood up to its early expectations as it not only featured , but also played the part of the major background score in the first theatrical theatre of the film .

The song is said to carry an essence typical of Farah Khan which makes it colourful and vibrant . The composers for this brilliance piece of art are Vishal and Shekhar who are considered to be the elite rockstars of the bollywood industry and have more often than not , produced super hit tracks for SRK and his films . The song gained great praise from the people worldwide but also criticism on the fact that the song and its title have been inappropriately fit into a movie based on theft and criminality . However the makers are proud of what they have produced and are ready to bring it out to the world come 31st . The movie is India’s first ever dance heist film and is set to be yet another blockbuster for King Khan alnd Deepika Padukone . The movie was initially set to hit the theatres on Diwali , but was then postponed to a day after the festival and will now be seen releasing on the 24th of October, 2014 .

This one of a kind dance-heist film which goes with the caption, ‘Todenge Taale- Indiawaale’ is definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year and given the fact that this is SRK’s one and only release this year , and with such a high value star cast and crew supporting him, stakes are obviously high.


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