Why Hrithik Roshan changed six shoes for Bang Bang song Tu Meri


Latest upcoming movie ‘Bang Bang’ starring Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles is the talk of the town nowadays . The movie is an action packed thriller and is eagerly being awaited by the fans in the audiences . Both Katrina and Hritik share a good bit of chemistry on screen and the genre of action should really bring out the best in the both of them .

The theatrical trailer has already managed to create a buzz among the members of the awaiting sets of fans as it consisted of never seen before stunts and effects . Another fascinating aspect of this upcoming movie is the fact that Hritik Roshan will once again be seen grooving to the tunes of some peppy songs and bringing out his best moves to dazzle his fans yet again . The makers recently launched the teaser of the song ‘Tu Meri’ from Bang Bang , which has got the people going crazy as it comprises of Hritik looking stunning and also dancing to his extreme talents while Katrina’s sexiness adds to the video .

Hritik is seen pulling off some fancy footwork for most part of the song and despite him making it look effortlessly easy , there were some aspects that caused a few problems initially . As rumors said it , Hritik was throwing around super starry tantrums for the shoot of this song and as a result , changed his pair of dancing shoes at least 6-7 times . Everyone soon believed this bit of news as all major A-list stars are said to have their daily dose of tantrums , but fortunately the rumours that were spread were soon rubbished and denied .

The makers of the Hindi movie bang bang and reliable media sources confirmed that Hritik had to keep changing his shoes not for comfort , but for precaution and safety . Since Bang Bang is an action packed movie , Hritik himself volunteered for many stunts and action sequences and in the process , bruised himself a few times . Hence , the makers and Hritik himself did not want to risk Injury during the shoot of this song which required him to do a lot of steps involving incredibly fast feet and body movement . Another reason for Hritik to have such a problem for the right pair of shoes , was the fact that the song was being shot in the morning on the Filmcity sets which had gathered a certain amount of dew making the floor slippery and dangerous . Hence , Hritik tried out each pair and danced with all of them until he finally found the shoes that did not make him slip , risk injury and allowed him to glide with grace .

Dancing is certainly Hritiks forte , and acting is his profession with action being area of expertise . Hence , Bang Bang should live up to its name and Bang in success as it thrives for excellence .

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