Bollywood Movies released in 2014

Here is a list of some breath taking movies released in 2014

Jai ho
Never underestimate the power of the common man, SRK had grandly told us and his adversaries in Chennai Express last year.

He growls at the film’s halfway point: the aam aadmi is a sleeping tiger; don’t provoke him or else…We might have felt inclined to lend our voices to that cry of jubilation if only the film had a little more to offer by way of common sense.

Jai Ho is a sluggish film with a preponderance of action sequences thrown in at regular intervals. As for debutante Daisy Shah, she merely withers away under the onslaught. Jai Ho is a tale that is about as exciting –as the spiel of a politician going to the polls. Eminently avoidable movie unless you are a die hard Salman Khan fan.

Main Tera Hero
A blend of Salmaan Khan’s cool, Shahid Kapoor’s energy and Govinda’s dance moves, Dhawan redefines the words ‘screen presence’ with his high-voltage performance.The actress, Ileana D’Cruz is not to be left behind as Dhawan’s love interest, shedding the solemn air from her debut Hindi Movie releases (Barfi!) to reveal a more fun side . The second half is primarily where the problem lies. The script dwindles slightly. Too many characters with too many subplots emerge, messing things up for a bit. Not exactly intended for family audiences, Main Tera Hero is a total seeti-maar, paisa vasoolfilm.

2 States
Like most stereotype love stories in India, the boy and the girl in 2 States are from different regions. Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) is a Tamilian from Chennai and Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) is a Punjabi from Delhi. They bump into each other at the IIM Ahmedabad canteen. Still she wants to be friends with this average-looking nerd. Ananya is pretty and soon Krish confesses to her that he can’t be ‘just friends’ and is expecting more from her. So she has an option of forgetting him or to start dating him, and it’s no surprise that she chooses the latter. Two States is a well-packaged product with great posters and promos but the film is disappointing.

From the point of view of a non-Indian-American, “Queen” seems a modest film to have made such a big splash. It is charming and at times unexpectedly moving, especially in moments of cross-cultural bonding between Rani and the odd assorted group of expats who befriend her, as she wanders somewhat cluelessly around Paris and Amsterdam. It was perhaps “Queen’s” most significant failure that there is not more suspense to Rani’s relationship with Vijay. He is such an obvious self-important, spoiled jerk, and she is so consistently observant,, even with her initial fears, that the outcome is practically preordained. Viewers would have been throwing things at the screen if she had agreed to take him back.

The Xpose
The film revolves around a cop-turned-actor (!) Ravi Kumar, who gets very angry, very quickly. He even shoots a politician point blank in police station, on duty, just because he pisses him off. True story. But there’s more to the film than the motley of characters and a weak story. The styling, for one, is brilliant, and everyone sports slick, ’60s-inspired outfits and hairdos.


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