Finding Fanny is all set for a theatrical release

Finding Fanny Movie Poster

September is around the corner and the excitement levels are unmatchable , as it carries with it some great movies lined up to release throughout the month and wow all members of the audience . Another special part of this super September month coming up is the fact that all or nearly all the bollywood divas appear in movies one after another
Deepika Padukone is the leading actress in the bollywood industry , and it is of no surprise that her film ‘Finding Fanny’ will also be releasing in the month of September . Whether mere coincidence or tactical planning , the makers have decided to release the film on 12th September , 2014 . The film is directed by Homi Adajania and is a short , one and a half hour , romantic comedy .

The cast of this film is highly star studded and is a Hindi-English language based film . The star line up of actors include veterans like Naseerudin Shah , Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor while Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor also pair up in lead roles . The film is based on an adventure through goa and the lives of 5 different people and how they discover love , happiness and peace through this journey they begin . It is an off the wall, comical story about five oddballs who venture out to find Stefanie Fernandes, Fanny , and in the process, they discover a strange sense of solace and love amongst each other, and end up seeing a point to their previously pointless lives.

The Deepika Padukone-Arjun Kapoor oddball comedy Finding Fanny, is all set for a theatrical release. But not many people know that the screenplay of Finding Fanny was adapted from a novel by the film’s co-writer. The 200-page novel is expected to his shelves later in next year. Homi Adajania also believd tat people love reading books a lot and hence he wanted everybody to watch the film first and then feast upon the novel .

The film has also come up with trailers ,posters , music and sound tracks that have proved melody is a work of genius . Songs like Shake Your Bootiya and Oh Fanny Re and out of the box songs with never seen like before videos and impeccable choreography , all with a sense of humour .

Deepika will be facing a lot of competition from the other divas of Bollywood who themselves are ready to dazzle the people with their films in September . The movies come thick and fast with Priyanka Chopra starring in ‘Mary Kom’ while Sonam Kapoor features in ‘Khoobsurat’ . Parineeti Chopra also plays the lead in her film ‘ Dawat E Ishq’ . The makers of Finding Fanny and Deepika are both ready to relish this battle of the divas and hope that their films along with the others , are an instant hit and receive praise and love from the audience .



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