Hrithik’s impossible ‘Bang Bang’ challenge


Hritik Roshan might be dancing effortlessly and shooting guns single handedly , but such is the ability of the man to hide his problems and bring out his best at all times . The star is ready to rule the box office again with his style and swagger as he plays the lead role in his upcoming film , ‘ Bang Bang ’ . The movie sees Hritik starring along side Katrina Kaif as the pair gets ready to dazzle audiences with their on screen chemistry yet again . Bang Bang is an action packed feature film that will be incorporating never seen before stunts being performed by the bollywood stars and effects will certainly blow everyone’s mind .

However , the film was not an easy task for Hritik Roshan to pull off as his recent past has been a little rough and the road has been bumpy . The challenge of completing Bang Bang was termed as impossible by many of Hritik’s fans and followers as the on going events of his life were not shaping up to be smooth and perfect .

Hritik’s life seemed to be on the worst track of all times as he and his wife Suzanne Roshan recently got divorced . The couple were termed to be one of the best in bollywood and this sudden collapse of the relationship left everyone speechless . Hritik’s situation did not improve as media and news channels followed and pestered him at every given chance , making it hard for the actor to forget about the problem and focus on life . Soon the buzz came down a tad bit and Hritik found some breathing space , but his life was far away from smooth sailing . After shooting for certain acting sequences in Bang Bang , Hritik repeatedly hurt his body and bruised himself multiple times .

During the shoot of the film , Hritik Roshan even underwent a brain surgery , due to an injury he sustained while performing a high risk stunt sequence and resulting in dropping many feet in the water . Despite the surgery and the divorce , Hritik came out with a point to prove and focused on completing the movie Bang Bang , come what may . Hritik Roshan established the fact that he is a born fighter and a born winner as he did not back down of any challenge , however impossible it seemed in such tough times of his life . Hritik has always had the reputation of being strong willed and heavily focused , as he had once proven to everyone during the filming of his debut movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai . During those days , his father Rakesh Roshan , was shot at outside the office by members of the underworld after severe threats and despite this , a young Hritik still went on to release the movie and make it the biggest film in his career .

After such efforts , it will be no surprise if Bang Bang is bang on accurate with its success as it releases on 2nd October, 2014 .

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