priyanka chopra in mary kom

Priyanka Chopra to combat gender stereotypes as being Mary Kom

The forthcoming film Mary Kom is set to honor another sports star that made it big at the Olympics. In this film, Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a boxer and depicts the real life struggle of boxing champion Mary Kom. Priyanka Chopra has to undergo a lot of training for this film to match the character she was required to play. From the poster and the trailer we can say that the actress has remained successful in doing so. The stunning actress was injured several times during filming this movie.

Uday Shirale has designed the look of Priyanka Chopra for this film. Omung Kumar who is a very famous set designer in the Bollywood and Indian television industry is going to make his directorial debut with this movie. He said that Priyanka Chopra has literally injured herself and the real injuries are going to be seen in this movie. He said that, during the training and practice, none of her injuries was covered with make up to give it an authentic look.

It is also said that Priyanka Chopra had also visited Manipur, which is the hometown of the boxing champion, Mary Kom, had learnt about her family and profession. She had a deep insight into the life of Mary Kom, her family, her role as a wife and a professional boxer at the same time.

Mary Kom is going to have your worldwide release as well and it is to be shot in English plus Hindi. It is also mentioned which she will also sing to among the tracks inside movie. Will poster for the movie seems rough-striking, tenacious plus bombastic. With a rugged search for per female who is most set to taken regarding globe with her boxing, Mary Kom Movie Reviews is going to be one memorable as well as inspiring biopic. Our film will celebrity newcomers instead of suffering from the celebrity cast. Omung Kumar as being a manager will likely showcase his talent by using this particular film. Although the trailer concerning Mary Kom is actually not really yet circulated, 1st appearance, appears exciting. Little actor maintains done per bald part at a business movie, atleast maybe not the best mainstream starlet.

Priyanka Chopra even said that the make up for her personality has additionally been among the toughest jobs. Even though the lady looks is actually deglam, this girl yet must work on this girl turn to healthy each character. Our film will likely truly motivate each aam janta and alter the quite period out of gender stereotyping. Omung Kumar designs definitely innovative units towards nearly all of the film events as well as television. He’s additionally done that production design for a lot of movie units. Because this normally going to be his directorial introduce, he may make use of various meticulous details to help make Mary kom biopic browse genuine.

Priyanka Chopra has mostly done romantic films in Bollywood. This will be her first movie with Sanjay Leela Bansali and a biopic with a forceful and athletic theme. The poster of this movie looks very promising. You will see Priyanka Chopra in an avatar like never before. Her training was meant to not only make her physically fit but also agile like most of the martial arts exercises. Boxing is also about quick reflexes. Kickboxing is one of the most artistic forms of exercises as it makes a trainee more alert and quick. Watching Priyanka Chopra in her tough act could come as a pleasant surprise

inspiring many. This will not only change the phase of role-playing but also make many let go of the gender stereotypes. This biopic will be a truest example of a woman, who has defied many of the traditional notions of Indian men. Mary Kom will kick in with stunts, emotions, and all the things you would not expect in a single package. A woman, who plays the role of a wife, and a kick ass boxer, is something we can look forward to watch.


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