Shahid Kapoor in two distinct looks for ‘Haider’

The first glimpse we get of Shahid as we watch the trailer is his buzz cut with a decently cut beard and in the other he is sporting the long hair look. The movie has been in news for Shhid new look o for Irrfan Khans controversial statements. Irrfan Khan has made it very clear to director Vishal Bhardwaj that his name, face and presence must not be used to promote Haider. We will therefore not get to see Irrfan in any publicity of the film. Says a friend of the actor, “It’s a policy decision. Irrfan will do guest appearances only on condition that his name and face are not used for any publicity. Vishal respects Irrfan’s sentiments and has decided that his name will be kept completely out of the publicity.”Irrfan is especially particular on the issue as he had an unpleasant experience with the makers of the Himesh Reshammiya starrer Xpose recently. Says Irrfan’s friend, “He did a guest appearance in Xpose. The makers had promised to keep his name out of the publicity but they still went on to use his name and face for publicity. Irrfan was shocked to see that he was featured prominently in the posters and trailers.” Says Irrfan, “I have a guest appearance in Haider Movie. I did it because I love Vishal’s work. And I wanted to be part of another Shakespearean adaptation by Vishal after Maqbool.”Irrfan left cheated once has wants to make sure that history dosnt repeate itself.

Haider is an upcoming Indian drama film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, and written by Basharat Peer and Bhardwaj. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and is set in Kashmir. The film stars Tabu, Shahid Kapoor as the protagonist,Shraddha Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon. Movie Haider is the third installment of Bhardwaj’s Shakespeare trilogy after Maqbool (2003) and Omkara (2006). The film is scheduled for release on 2 October 2014. The trailer features the entire cast and Shahid Kapoor is seen in an all new avatar where he plays an aggressive, pychopathic man and how he kills people and his chemistry with lady love Shraddha Kapoor. The trailer has crossed 42 lakh views on youtube.

Tabbu is seen on screen after a long time and her contribution to the movie is worth watching. After Omkara and Maqbool both of which were award winning movies Vishal has come up with Hiader. Vishal’s style of movies are different than the others his movies are more violent in nature and depict the real world. The plot of the film is loosely based on that of Macbeth with regard to events and characterisation. The film did not perform remarkably at the box office, but won director Vishal Bhardwaj international acclaim. Apart from directing it, he had also composed the background score and songs for the film. Bhardwaj then moved on to adapting William Shakespeare’s Othello in his 2006 film Omkara which won him commercial as well as critical success. The critical success of “Omkara” was responsible for winning Francis Ford Coppola’s attention. The movie Omkara was about a political enforcer who commits crimes on behalf of local politicians. The movie is all about Love, crime, murder, adultery etc. the movie won appraisal from the international audience.

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