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Priyanka has actually snagged the soul over Mary Kom

The trailer of the movie Mary Kom shows exactly how she struggled to fulfill her dreams and achieve her goals. Determination and hard work was all she has and was all she needed to reach the pinnacles of success. Mary Kom is an upcoming 2014 Indian biographical sports drama movie directed and produced by Omung Kumar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali respectively. It movie revolves around the real life story of an Indian boxer named Mary Kom, her achievements, failures and all the hard work she put in to climb the ladder of success. The lead role in the movie will be played by Priyanka Chopra and  Priyanka Chopra’s husband will be played by Assamese actor Diganta Hazarika in the movie. Minakkshi Kalitaa, Shishir Sharma and Zachary Coffin will also be seen sharing the screen space with Priyanka Chopra.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali happens become their co-producer of Mary Kom in which he seems to be blown away among Priyanka’s performance in character this girl was required to perform. This person expressed this one attention as he said, “people wanted towards inform Mary Kom’s tale. The woman lifestyle offers everything. Drama, passion, valour, heat, humour. Her facts was prepared to be informed on monitor. I’m honoured we are definitely doing that it.” it appears just like Priyanka’s had gotten that it ideal this one duration. Their actress features still taken up difficult duty in the past and this part being a winner boxer looks just your choice toward set of ones roles that show which Priyanka Chopra actually functional star and it is maybe not nervous to test with all the figures she performs inside films. Priyanka in addition drawn down challenging roles at films such as ‘Barfi’ then ‘seven Khoon Maaf’.

Danny Denzongpa is also an important part of this film. Observed regarding the silver screen following a long-time, he’ll feel playing a crucial role inside Mary Kom Reviews. She cannot afford to looks slim and/or glamorous towards your role, but styles tenacious then attractive! There is still whatever striking regarding ladies who have always been tough as well as unrelenting, it is this particular characteristics your makes them attractive instead of their services. Mary Kom will set to feel per truest sample out of grit to never-say-die attitude. Such as Bhagh Milkha Bhagh, Mary Kom will certainly put a good record in women focused films, that are in the rise inside Bollywood.

Before this, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ was another biopic that was more than successful both with the audience and the box-office as well. This was a biopic on the famous athlete Milhka Singh. We can see that Bollywood is appreciating the laurels won by sportsmen of our nation by honoring them with a biopic. We’re sure these efforts will inspire and encourage other sportsmen to do better and excel in their efforts to be the best. Mary Kom Movie Reviews is set to release on the 5th of September this year which co-incidentally happens to be the same date of release for ‘Dawaat-e-Ishq’ starring Priyanka’s cousin Parineeti Chopra and newcomer Arjun Roy Kapur. It will be interesting to watch if this biopic will be worth the hype and win at the box office. We hope their efforts of making two separate versions of the film works for them.


Mary Kom music review

Mary Kom has got a relatively new musical team of composers in Shashi Suman and Shivam, and lyricists Prashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh.

Ziddi Dil has a very haunting melody, which is elevated to another level with Vishal Dadlani’s vocals.

A motivational song about achieving what the heart has to say, this Shashi-Prashant track has an amazing good pitch that keeps the steam on right through its near five long minutes duration.

The hook is just right too. The key words, Dil yeh ziddi hai keep playing in one’s head.
Shivam and Sandeep come together for Sukoon Mila, which starts off in the beginning with a mouth organ. Arijit Singh, easily the hottest and the popular singer around, takes the mike.

This love song has a very beautiful melody. The lyrics are damn poetic and there is such serenity in the song that you want it to repeat. This one certainly deserves a hearing.

The very well experienced Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice in Adhure is just an apt choice for Priyanka Chopra. The way Sunidhi Chauhan sings it, one can visualise the actress in the frame with a montage keeping the play on.

A very strategically well laid out musical piece by Shashi and Prashant, Adhure lends class to Mary Kom. It’s the kind of number that reminds one of the R D Burman-Gulzar set-up of the 1970s.

Mohit Chauhan is heard next in Shashi-Prashant’s Teri Baari. The situation of the song has the central protagonist being inspired to fly away and achieve her goals.

The song has got an ordinary start and though the hook is good, the subsequent portions in the antara don’t have much of originality. Arijit Singh returns with Shashi-Prashant’s Saudebaazi. A simple composition it has a smooth flow and with the minimal use of instruments. Saudebaazi may not be an instant hit, but it fits into the soundtrack and will keep the smiles coming after repeated playing.

Shivam-Sandeep return with Salaam India, composers by Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant behind the mike. In the trilogy of very encouraging motivational songs, this one is third after Ziddi Dil and Teri Baari.

It starts off in a rather subdued manner and reaches its up end after 75 seconds. It has a core situational appeal to it, and won’t have much of a life after the run of the film.

The last number is a lori by lead actress Priyanka Chopra, to Shashi-Sandeep’s track. In complete contrast to her all the international numbers she has sung so far, this one has an Indian melody, which focuses on the title of the song, Chaoro.

Priyanka sings really well. She emphasises on the key words with the correct emotion. The song is quite short and wraps up in 150 seconds.

Mary Kom’s music delivers a little more than what had been expected. While one expected genre-centric songs (Ziddi Dil does that job well), the bonus is the love songs Sukoon Mila and Saudebaazi.

Adhure and Chaoro do well too. The songs in the film may not be the instant chartbusters, but as a soundtrack, Mary Kom holds its own.

priyanka chopra in mary kom

All my opponents in the film were real boxers : Priyanka Chopra

When you play the role of a real life Olympic medalist female Boxer on screen being an actor yourself , the challenge is going to be as tough as any boxing match possible . The Movie ‘Mary Kom’ as the name suggests , is based on the life story of boxing sensation Mary Kom of India . The movie is directed by Omung Kumar and will be released on 5 september , 2014 .

The Movie is looking to be a really aspiring one with the story of how a girl came through the evils of society and went on to become a boxer and a champion in a country like India with only the support of a few and far between . Priyanka Chopra went through rigorous trainings and a lot of efforts to prepare herself for the role of a sportsperson. She also visited Mary Kom in her hometown to learn more about her life and get enlightened about the role and the sport too . Mary was impressed by Priyankas dedication and is excited to see her real life story on reel cinema . Despite Priyanka’s father’s demise during the shoot , and postponement of the shoot , Priyanka came back and completed the movie with all her focus.

Priyanka Chopra fought with real boxers in and for the shoot of Mary Kom Movie . She put her body and mind into boxing during the entire shoot and all matches were competitively held . Priyanka even kept on getting bruised an injured but just carried on like a real fighter would . . She says it was not easy to take a full-on punch from professional boxers during the shoot as it was a little intimidating and certainly challenging.

“All my opponents in the film were real boxers,” Priyanka mentioned in an interview.
“It was very difficult to shoot with them because they are real boxers and they don’t know how to fake a punch, they had to really hit you. So I had to get hit a lot and that was really hard,” she added.

Co-produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom 18 Motion Picture , Mary Kom shows how Kom’s journey from an athlete to a boxer, opposition faced by her father to take up the sport as a profession, training with men, her fearless nature, marriage and so-called end of her boxing career.

After accepting challenging roles and succeeding immensely in films like Barfi , 7 khoon maaf and Fashion , Priyanka stepped up a level and took up this character which was inspired by a real life person and try to live up to her pride .

The movie releases alongside Dawat-e-ishq and Finding Fanny which gives Priyanka competition with her fellow rivals in terms of bollywood female actors .

After becoming an icon in the hearts of sports fans in India . Mary and her story will now soon impress bollywood lovers through Priyanka’s act on screen .

‘Mary Kom’ dialogues promo released

An exclusive set of Dialogue Promos from the film ‘Mary Kom’ has been released. The dialogue promo of the film are titled as ‘Fighting against all odds’ and ‘Magnificent Mary!’ respectively. The promo might give you chills as they show case the strong will and dedication of the female boxer.

The biopic of the female boxer MC Mary Kom has been doing the buzz lately. The Olympic bronze medalist has been an inspiration to the world of women power and dignity. She stunned everybody with her game, struggle and victory in the Olympic 2012. She is a five-time World Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. Her achievement also amazed director Omang Kumar and Bollywood’s diva Priyanka Chopra to make a biopic on the boxer’s life starring Piggie Chops in the lead role.

priyanka chopra in mary kom

The trailer of the biopic titled Mary Kom is finally out. It is directed by Omung Kumar, produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and starring Priyanka. The film Mary Kom is to have its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. Priyanka Chopra looks pretty convincing and impressive as a boxer. She doesn’t look Manipuri but has almost perfected the Manipuri accent which is really complimenting. The first teaser of this mary kom movie was released on Priyanka’s birthday on Friday and people are gone bananas over it. It scored storming reviews all in one day.

Ajit Andhare, COO Viacom 18, seemed over whelmed with the response and quoting his happiness he said, “We’re thrilled with the astounding response to the poster and teaser which we had titled ‘Mary Kom Punch’ these have set us up very well for the trailer, which will be out later this week. We’ve titled the trailer ‘Mary Kom knock-out’”. The director also seemed very pleased and stated “After a long time there has been a frenzy of this sort surrounding the release of a poster. It felt good to hear all the fabulous comments. We had to live up to people’s expectations with the teaser also. I think we succeeded in doing so. Now we have the trailer coming up. I am very excited. It’s been a long wait for me. I can finally showcase my work to the world.” Well yes, the poster is really striking and bold. Priyanka looks astonishingly stormy, fierce and tempestuous. She remarkably resembles the boxer. The color of the poster, her expressions and not to forget Priyanka’s cuts and pumped up biceps…Totally Striking.

Priyanka Chopra has been seen in versatile roles from an undercover cop to a mentally challenged girl, she has performed magnificently. Playing the character of MC Mary Kom demanded an exhausting and rigorous training and Priyanka pulled that off with dedication. She was trained by Samir Jaura, who is also training Rani Mukerjee for Mardani and had trained Farhan Akhtar for Bhaag Milka Bhaag. The film casts Priyanka Chopra, Danny Denzongpa, and Zachary Coffin. Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is also inspired by Mary KOM said, “Mary Kom has made India proud. I was moved by her story. She is a mother of two, has been through so many struggles, has tremendous spirit and a sense of living and dignity and is now a World Champion. She has what it takes to make a great champion. An Indian woman boxer is rare. It will be an exciting film to produce and I am very happy to do it.” Boxer Mary Kom who is fond of the actress Priyanka Chopra has given her a few tips on the film, which did seemed to have helped the actress go through her journey and fit into the character of playing a boxer.

The movie is scheduled to come out on 2nd October, 2014.